Review: ‘’ in Nineteenth-Century Music Review


Contributor to 30-Second Classical Music, ed. Joanne Cormac (Ivy Press)


Score preface for Julius Otto Grimm’s Suite no.1 (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)

Co-author, with Natasha Loges, of ‘Singer-Songwriters of the German Lied’ in J. Williams & K. Williams, eds. The Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter (Cambridge University Press)

‘‘A man of many hobbies…’: Alan Adair and the concerts of the Adair Wounded Fund’ in Fontes Artes Musicae (January-March 2016)


Review: ‘Coughing and Clapping: Investigating Audience Experience’ in Fontes Artes Musicae (October-December 2015)

Score preface for Julius Otto Grimm’s Suite no.2 (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)

Score preface for Max Bruch’s Salamis op. 25 (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)


Chapter author (for the time period 1850-1899) in Jon Paxman’s Classical Music 1600-2000. A Chronology (Omnibus Press)

Co-editor and contributor to Brahms in the Home and the Concert Hall. Between Private and Public Performance (Cambridge University Press)

Score preface for Hans Huber’s Sextet for piano and wind instruments (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)

Score preface for Friedrich Gernsheim’s Salamis op. 10 (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)

Research assistant to Graham Johnson for his Franz Schubert. The Complete Songs (Yale University Press)

‘Hans Gál and the Edinburgh Festival’ in Brio Vol. 50 no. 1 (Summer 2013), pp.39-52

Score preface for Hans Huber’s Piano Quintet op. 111 (Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich)


Comprehensive work list for the composer William Hurlstone, former professor and alumnus of the Royal College of Music.